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The Athletic Recovery


Whether you’re training for a marathon or just starting out at the gym, getting the right nutrients and hydration are critical to proper recovery. Our blend of essential amino acids speeds up muscle repair, so you can work out for longer and feel less sore. Plus, Saline keeps you hydrated so you feel good long after your workout ends.

Perfect For:

People pursuing fitness goals; anybody who wants to recover faster after a hard workout.

Ingredient Highlight:

A fusion of essential amino acids that boosts muscle recovery and fuels a faster metabolism, two key components of athletic performance.

The Athletic Recovery
  • +  Saline/Lactated Ringers, B-Complex, B12, Lysine, L-Glutathione, High Dose Magnesium, Zinc


Benefits for your entire body (and mind)


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Enhance Workout Performance

Lysine is a pre-cursor for L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine shuttles fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria, also known as the “powerhouse of the cell.”

Lysine supports energy production, in turn, increasing workout efficiency.

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Decrease Muscle Fatigue

Known as the “master antioxidant,” Glutathione helps prevent damage to cell structures caused by oxidative stress, a process that results in the release of harmful chemicals that cause fatigue and inflammation.

This process releases harmful chemicals that cause fatigue and inflammation.


Prevent Dehydration

Saline/Lactated Ringers help to replenish the liquids, electrolytes, and sodium that the body loses during exercise.

As our muscles are made of 75% water, hydration is vital for repair and recovery.

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Regulate Muscle & Nerve Function

Magnesium helps regulate diverse biochemical reactions, especially in muscles and nerves.

By prohibiting Calcium uptake, the muscles are better able to relax after the contractions experienced during exercise.

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Fight Muscle Loss

Amino Acids have been shown to promote protein synthesis after exercise.

As Amino Acids assist with tissue growth, energy production, nutrient absorption, they play an important role in maintaining muscle growth.

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Increase Energy

Because B Vitamins are water soluble, your body does not store them.

B Vitamins are essential, as they convert nutrients into energy, positively benefiting overall athletic performance.

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Promotes Muscle Repair

While not produced by the body, Zinc is vital for many bodily functions, including muscle protein synthesis.

Zinc helps support the process through which the protein you consume helps build your muscles.

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