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Fitness Goal Support

Optimal Nutrition Coaching

Feeling lost when it comes to eating for your exercise goals? We help you reach your fitness milestones with tailored nutrition and lifestyle guidance driven by your own health data.

  • Personal Health Coach
  • Achieve Your Fitness Goals
  • Guidance on Nutrition, Medication, Supplements, and Lifestyle Changes
  • HSA & FSA Eligible

Whether your goal is 2 or 26.2 miles, our Health Coaches are here to help you reach that goal.

Health Coaching is a proven, evidence-based model incorporating motivational interviewing techniques and positive psychology to help you take your body and mind to the next level (1).

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Goals We Help Support

Marathon / Triathlon / Weight Training / Endurance Training / Sports Performance / Muscle Toning / Bulking / Competitive Training

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What to Expect

How We Help You Achieve Your Workout Milestones

Evaluate the Total You

We use comprehensive intake forms and discovery discussions to understand your full health picture. Alongside your Health Coach, you’ll look at your medical history, daily habits, and the nuances of your fitness goals to pin down key areas of optimization.

Receive Your Care Plan

Your Health Coach will provide the knowledge you need to make more informed health choices. Your Care Plan will include a custom nutrition and supplement regimen plus total guidance on how to shop and cook so that your diet is in alignment with your goals.

Implement for Change

Equipped with your Care Plan, you will meet regularly with your Health Coach as you implement their lifestyle, nutrition, and stress management recommendations. And as you meet your goals, you’ll continually assess how to optimize for that extra mile or next PR.

Say goodbye to your fitness plateau.

We’re here to help you optimize your fuel to reach your full fitness potential. Your Health Coach will help you make intentional nutrition choices that drive greater performance and faster recovery.

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In This Membership


No more blank stares into your kitchen cabinets. We designed this Membership to go beyond simply optimizing what’s on your plate. It’s our goal to help you understand the habits that are both helping and hurting your workout success. Our team will help you uncover the small changes that can have a big impact from sleep hygiene to athletic recovery.

  • Ongoing (4 Month Commitment)
Annual Frequency of Health Coach Visits
  • 24
Annual Frequency of Member Experience Coordinator Visits
  • 3
Unlimited Messaging & Support
  • Included
20% Off Urgent Care & Diagnostic Testing
20% Off IV Therapy & Supplements
  • Included
Personalized IV Therapy Regimen
  • Included
Member Wellness Kit
  • Included
Available Location(s)
  • NYC
  • Eligible

Your Personal Care Team

Your goals are our goals. So, we equip you with a dedicated Care Team to help get you to where you want to be.

At ivee, your Health Coach will work with you to create an individualized Care Plan that is focused on nutrition and other important areas of health, such as sleep, stress management, exercise, and more. Health Coaches are here to walk alongside you on your health journey and ensure you are fully equipped with all of the tools you need to feel empowered while holding you accountable to achieve your health goals!


The minds (and hearts) behind your care.

It’s our mission to provide the most enjoyable and personalized health experience possible. Beyond your assigned Provider and Health Coach, we have a robust team of medical leaders making this possible.




Achieving Your Health Goals

If you’re looking for an ongoing partner in your health, know that your Care Team is here for the long run. From nutrition coaching to symptom management and reduction, our Memberships help you identify the key habits that can help you raise your wellbeing on a daily basis.

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