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Chronic & Recurring Migraine Care

Chronic Condition Support

Say goodbye to days unexpectedly cut short. We help you treat your Recurring or Chronic Migraines with tailored nutrition and lifestyle guidance driven by your own health data.

  • Personal Provider and Health Coach
  • Get to the Root of Your Migraines
  • Guidance on Nutrition, Medication, Supplements, and Lifestyle Changes
  • Specialty Testing, such as Food Sensitivity Testing & Comprehensive GI Function Testing
  • HSA & FSA Eligible

Nearly 800,000 Americans go to the ER every year because of Migraines.

Over half took Migraine medicine at home before going to the ER (1). Imagine if care could come to you instead.

How We Support Your Journey

A Migraine is an episodic disorder that includes severe headaches often associated with nausea and light/sound sensitivity. Migraines afflict roughly 1-in-6 Americans, and 1-in-5 women, particularly those of child-bearing age. It is the fifth leading cause of ER visits overall, and the third leading cause for women (2). Triggers of Migraines and other associated symptoms often vary from patient to patient but can be debilitating. Symptoms can last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours, are usually unilateral in nature, and include severe and pulsating pain. Although rare (less than 1% of migraine sufferers), Chronic Migraines, defined as having headaches 15 or more days per month for at least three months, can be debilitating. Symptoms often include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, pounding headache, and accompaniment of aura or prodrome.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels
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What to Expect

How We Help You Manage Recurrent Migraines

Evaluate the Total You

We use comprehensive intake forms and discovery discussions to understand your total health picture. Analyzing your medical history, lifestyle, and the nuances of your triggers, we then create a personalized Blood Testing panel to dive even deeper into your data.

Discover the Root

After testing for hormone, electrolyte, nutrient, and toxicity levels, we assess your Blood Testing results to identify the root of your issues. Although brain imaging with CT scans or MRI is usually not required, we can help arrange those tests if needed. We then bring evidence-based IV Therapy to your home to treat your acute Migraine symptoms, as well as provide an individualized, whole-person action plan to help you reduce your Migraines overall.

Implement for Change

We will work together to implement lifestyle, nutrition, and stress management recommendations that synergize with your current medications, as well as incorporate IV Therapy and proven supplements to optimize your health. Your Care Team is dedicated to helping you override old behaviors and make more mindful habits your default.

Turn the lights back on.

It can be difficult to live life on the edge of a Migraine episode. Your Provider and Health Coach are here for the long run as you take steps to reduce your triggers and find harmony once more.

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In This Membership


No more sunglasses, no more ear plugs. Anyone who has ever experienced a Migraine knows the ER waiting room is not the place you want to be sitting around for hours with a severe Migraine. At ivee, we come to you, helping you treat acute symptoms when you need care most. More importantly, we help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce your overall number of Migraine episodes. Here’s what’s in your health toolbox:

  • Ongoing (4 Month Commitment)
Annual Frequency of Provider Visits
  • 13
Annual Frequency of Health Coach Visits
  • 24
Annual Frequency of Blood Testing
  • 3
Annual Frequency of Member Experience Coordinator Visits
  • 3
Unlimited Messaging & Support
  • Included
Specialty Testing, such as Food Sensitivity Testing & Comprehensive GI Function Testing
  • ADD-ON ($)
20% Off Urgent Care & Diagnostic Testing
20% Off IV Therapy & Supplements
  • Included
Personalized IV Therapy Regimen
  • Inlcuded
Member Wellness Kit
  • Included
  • Eligible
Available Location(s)
  • NYC

Your Personal Care Team

Your goals are our goals. So, we equip you with a dedicated Care Team to help get you to where you want to be.

Our Providers take an integrative and personalized approach to your health. It is important to us that your ivee Provider thoroughly understands your health picture, which is why we set aside 60 minutes for an initial comprehensive visit. During this time, your Provider will get to know you while conducting a robust intake process. Together we will assess your health history, lifestyle, habits, and goals and continue to implement your custom care plan through ongoing high-touch visits.


The minds (and hearts) behind your care.

It’s our mission to provide the most enjoyable and personalized health experience possible. Beyond your assigned Provider and Health Coach, we have a robust team of medical leaders making this possible.



Achieving Your Health Goals

If you’re looking for an ongoing partner in your health, know that your Care Team is here for the long run. From nutrition coaching to symptom management and reduction, our Memberships help you identify the key habits that can help you raise your wellbeing on a daily basis.

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