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New York’s Top Immune Boosters: Cupping, Meal Plans, and Vitamin C IV in NYC

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We all know that keeping your immune system in its best shape is essential, now more than ever. Here are some different techniques that you can use to boost your immune system here in New York City!

We all know that keeping your immune system in its best shape is essential, now more than ever. Here are some different techniques that you can use to boost your immune system here in New York City!


Where to get it: NAO Wellness

Acupressure can be achieved by using ear seeds. Don’t know about ear seeds? They are adhesive “seeds” that you place on specific pressure points in the ear. Placement is determined to address particular concerns in your body, both physically and mentally. Acupressure is also called auriculotherapy and historically has been used in Chinese medicine. It usually takes about two rounds of acupressure to feel significant improvement in whatever ailment you are trying to treat. Targeted ailments include acne, immune system support, allergies, vision, and many more! Ear seeds are pain-less, needle-less, and a non-invasive approach to balance out your body. So go ahead, and give the ear seeds from NAO Wellness a try. (P.S. They come in different colors and styles to make them look chic as well!)

Lymphatic Drainage

Where to get it: The Detox Studio

Lymphatic drainage is another great way to boost immunity. Your lymphatic system helps eliminate your body’s waste, so it’s an important part of detoxing your entire body. Your lymphatic system is also a part of your immune system, which is vital in protecting your body from infections and diseases. Lymphatic drainage can help relieve your pain, alleviate cellulite, and help your body regenerate its tissue. The best part of lymphatic drainage is that it is a non-invasive procedure that can be done in about an hour. Soon, you will start to notice the toxins in your body disappear, feeling better from the inside out. The Detox Studio offers lymphatic drainage through a technique called Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage (BELD). This technique uses vibration technology and emits energy to your cells through frequencies of light, harmonic sounds, and Noble Gas Ionization. This is a non-invasive procedure that is safe, effective, and highly recommended!


Where to get it: WTHN

Cupping is a type of therapy where cups are placed on your body to create suction. This suction can help relieve pain, high blood pressure, and reduce acne. Most importantly, it might help regulate your immune system. Some of the side effects of cupping include bruising, scarring, and slight discomfort during your treatment. There are two different types of cupping: dry and wet cupping, both of which are effective in increasing your blood circulation. The cup can be heated with fire, and once it is heated, it is placed on your skin. Wet cupping is a treatment that involves the suction of the cups and medicinal bleeding.

Cupping is sometimes used to supplement acupuncture treatments, which can also help reduce the pain and inflammation in the body. WTHN features both treatments, giving you the complete cupping package!

Meal Plans

Where to get it: Daily Dose

During cold and flu season (or during a pandemic), people often strive to fill their diet with immune-boosting foods. Citrus, fruits, chicken soup, tea, and honey are typically associated with this category. However, immunity is not determined by specific foods. Instead, it is strengthened by a diet rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. Because curating weekly recipes that match these nutrient needs can be complicated, services like Daily Dose have designed weekly meals to help. If you’re looking for an immunity reset through food, their Immune Booster Meal Plan is the perfect start! But if this isn’t really your forte, we suggest you get a Vitamin C IV in NYC.

Vitamin C IV

The last and perhaps one of the most effective ways to boost your immune system is by using a vitamin C IV treatment! Vitamin C already has a whole host of benefits it can provide to your body, and intravenous therapy only augments these. Vitamin C is known for helping you manage your stress and oncoming illness. Unlike oral vitamin supplements, Vitamin C IV therapy is guaranteed to work because it delivers the vitamin directly to your bloodstream. This means that your body absorbs all of the nutrients it needs. It also means you’ll be able to feel the effects of your vitamin C IV treatment immediately. ivee makes getting a Vitamin C IV in NYC easy, coming to wherever and whenever with their on-demand nurse team.

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